The Accessibility of Sports Rehabilitation for Military Veterans

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The Accessibility of Sports Rehabilitation for Military Veterans

Georgia Callander - 4th year student; School of Science and Sport
Liz Carlin - lecturer; School of Science and Sport (supervisor)

Reason for the study
This study intends to investigate how accessible sports rehabilitation is for injured Veterans and what supported needs to be in place to counteract current barriers. This study will also explore equality of access to sports rehabilitation programmes as the majority of sports rehabilitation programmes are run in England.

What is involved in the study?
This study will involve participants reflecting on their sports rehabilitation programme through a questionnaire. Allowing for individual’s to identify benefits and any issues they perceive. Participants will also have the option to opt in for interview.

All data will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence and will only be shared between the investigator and the research supervisor. Data will be stored securely in accordance with University guidelines. At no time will your identity or the identity of your organisation be shared with the reader. On completion of the research study all raw data stored about you will destroyed.

No physical risks are associated with this research study and there is no intent for the study to cause any distress however, due to the nature of the questions, recollection of trauma may occur. To mitigate the above the interview can be stopped, the participant can turn off their camera, the lead investigator can sign post them to support their veteran charity can provide or the participant can have someone present with them. Additionally, participants will be reminded that they can drop out at any point.

Right to withdraw
If you choose to participate as a participant in this study you have the right to withdraw at any time and do not have to give any reason for doing so if you choose to withdraw this will have no impact on your involvement with your charity. When you withdraw all information collected will be destroyed.

What you will get from the study?
This study intends to bring attention to challenges surrounding access and availability of sports rehabilitation therefore, insights from participants will help in identifying how barriers currently being face can be overcome to improve the future for veteran sports rehabilitation. By participating in this study you will also be helping to add to a body of literature, lacking recent and relevant research.

Further information
If you have any queries or require further information, do not hesitate to contact me or my supervisor:
Georgia Callander                            Email:                    b00342888@studentmail.uws.as.uk
Dr. Liz Carlin                                      Email:                    liz.carlin@uws.ac.uk

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